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News of Colorado’s Green Rush finally made its way across the country on the Pony Express, and when the word arrived in Minneapolis, the adventure was on. Armed with decades of business experience and an appetite for excitement, the founders of Tumbleweed packed up their carriage and headed over the continental divide to meet their soon-to-be business partner in the little western slope town of Parachute, CO. While out on the dusty trail they pondered what they were going to call their new venture, something exciting and authentic, nothing hokey or trite. No sooner than they were stumped for a name, a giant tumbleweed blew across the road, narrowly missing them. Nobody quite knows which of the owners was the first to holler “Tumbleweed!” but they both still claim the idea as their own. Today, Tumbleweed has seven convenient locations—including the world’s first drive-thru dispensary—serving the Colorado high country with the finest green bud, edibles, topicals, and everything in between. Roll into your nearest Tumbleweed store and see for yourself why the west is the best. Yeeeeee haw!